Funny Kid Quotes

Kids always (and sometimes unfortunately) tell it like they see it, and here are some I've been lucky enough to hear... 

R, 4, says "Are we big kids or little kids?" (We call the twos/toddlers the little kids and the 4/5's the big kids). I say, "well you're not little and you're not quite big yet..." And he says, "then we're mediums!"

 While talking about where China is & how far away it is (this week we are learning about Chinese New Year)... R, 4, says "oh so it's by the pumpkin patch." Gotta love how simple things are to preschoolers. :)

I asked C, 4, who speaks English & Spanish- "How do you say quiet in Spanish?"
She thinks for a second and says, "Shhhhhhhhh."

Conversation with J, 3.
"Miss Kelwey, why you love us so much?"
"Because J you're my kiddos."
"Oh. What's a kiddo?"
"A kiddo is a kid, like you."
"I'm glad you love us so much."

This one is courtesy of E, 5- 

Kid: "My Dad is cool Miss Kelly."
Me: "Oh really why?"
Kid: "Cuz he has a crotch-rocket."


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