Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not Sure What to Title This...

Life is the best teacher- it gives us the problems to work through first, and we figure out the lesson after. As someone who works in the Early Childhood/Child Care field that is not a school district teacher, I feel that it is easy to be taken advantage of. We truly do this job not for the income, but for the outcome- the kids. (I'm really trying not to use too many cliches but they really are the best way to say this...)

As a result I think sometimes we get into this fog of "do what's best for the kids, do what's best for the kids" and we lose sight of "do what's best for YOURSELF". In our minds whats best for the kids is us- our relationship with them, the safety in consistency, and the community you've built... and we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of, or treated poorly by co-workers, supervisors, or bosses. We suffer through this because we want what's best for the kids. We don't want to leave the kids. We are pushed and pushed and pushed, until finally we are pushed out-- sometimes out of the field completely.

I was put into a situation this week where my bubble was popped, the fog was lifted, and I saw clearly for the first time what was really going on around me. The focus of the center as a whole was not where it should be (what's best for the kids, and growing as teachers) but rather on foolish things. I was so focused on doing what I thought was the right thing, I became unaware of how I was being treated. Until a co-worker was screaming at me for something that was her fault.

"Walk away from anyone and anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy." If you are in the field of Early Childhood or Child Care, please ingrain this quote into your mind. While you think you are doing what's best for the kids by sticking out a situation that you are uncomfortable with- you are not. Do what's best for you, surround yourself with people who appreciate you and your style of teaching and challenge you to be better-- this was a hard lesson for me to learn this week.

For me I hope this environment and opportunity is close by. I had it once at a wonderful place, but life took me in another direction. I am determined not to settle on a job, but rather to find someplace that serves me, grows me, and makes me happy.

If you are fortunate enough to be in a place that appreciates you, challenges you, and is most importantly-- doing what's best for the kids- savor and enjoy every moment.

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