Thursday, June 13, 2013

Self Control & Art - Spray Painting!

Here is a fun, inexpensive project to do in the warm summer sun-- Spray Painting!

1. White twin flat sheet (~$5 at Walmart)
2. Spray Bottles (~$1 at Walmart/Target/Dollar Tree)
3. Tempera Paint
4. Water
5. Clothespins

Mix a squirt of washable paint with water into the spray bottles.
Shake it up real good! Test the color darkness, add more paint if you like.
Hang up your white sheet with the clothespins and explain:

We spray the sheet, not our friends or ourselves.
(This is where self-control comes in!)

**Bonus-- strengthens little hand muscles for fine motor control!**

When you're done, just throw the sheet in the washing machine and you have a blank canvas for next time.
This is always a hit with my preschoolers (and the two year olds loved this as well!), and it's simple enough you can pull it out as a last minute-outside boredom buster this summer. I am planning on letting them full on paint the sheet at some point this summer during a water-play day so we can hose off the ground/ourselves if need be. :-)

What kinds of art activities are you doing outside this summer?

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